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Information on Trees, Bushes and Shrubs
that overhang property lines
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                  "Adopt a Garden Spot"…………………..Volunteer Now!

Over the last decade, the City has devoted considerable resource to design and develop neighborhood parks and greenspaces throughout the community. These spaces are evident within the fabric of the Central Business District (CBD) & Midway Streetscape projects, corner pocket park at Inverness, Highland & Grand, NKY Water District (Memorial Parkway) and with the reconstruction of Rossford Park.
The City has established lasting partnerships with organizations and residents to assist with planting and maintenance of these spaces. The Fort Thomas Garden Club plants annuals & hanging baskets in the business districts, a local landscaper volunteers planting in one Inverness park and a resident underwrites a landscape company to perform some of the maintenance in the other. There are several planting beds in subdivisions where neighbors partner with the City to plant, weed, mulch and water the greenspaces near their homes. It all adds to the beautification of our City!
With Spring finally upon us, it is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the enhancement of these areas through volunteering your time/resource by adopting a public greenspace in a park or near your home. These volunteers would coordinate with staff to partner with the City in the overall beautification of the community. The City will coordinate scheduling of activity and provide supplies & training to assist volunteers.
Any individuals or groups/organizations interested in the “Adopt a Garden” program, please contact the General Services Department at 572-1210 or JRice@ftthomas.org
   UPDATED 2013
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 Battery Row Productions presents: A Historic Walking Tour of Fort Thomas Kentucky
Discover how a military barracks, bare-knuckle boxing ring, the gruesome murder of a pregnant woman, and a local pub contribute to the rich historical heritage of the City of Fort Thomas.
The Fort Thomas Military and Community Museum has worked for more than a year with Battery Row Productions to create this walking tour--a tour which is much more than just physically walking.  It's done with smart phones and QR codes or on computers.  You will see ten signs throughout Tower Park and the Historic Midway with short explanations of special sites.  On each of those signs are also QR codes which will link to further explanations on our website.  If you do not have a smart phone, you'll be able to look up the site and see the entire collection as well as interviews with our local historians, including Gloria Sisk, Linda Rankin, Erik Geiman, Scott Froendhoff, and Betty Daniels. Dozens of historic photos have been included.
We hope you'll spend time learning more about our much loved City!

                                          We Recycle, Do you??

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 Protecting Ash Trees from the Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer infestation has been confirmed in Fort Thomas. With its arrival, it is now time to take action and protect the ash trees that can be saved. If no preventative control measures are taken before or during the early stages of infestation, untreated trees are certain to die, causing a safety hazard for any person on that site.

What is the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)? An Asiatic insect that was inadvertently introduced into the United States via shipping pallets from China. The first infestation was discovered near Detroit, Michigan in 2002. Since then, EAB has spread throughout many Midwest and Northeast states.                                                                                                  


What does the EAB look like? EAB is a ½" long, bright metallic green insect with flattened back.

What are the signs and symptoms of EAB infestation? EAB attacks only ash tree species, starting at the top of the tree first. Adult beetles begin to emerge in mid-May and females usually begin laying eggs about 2 weeks after emergence. The eggs hatch in about 2 weeks, and the larvae crawl under the bark and begin feeding on the cambium and other tree tissues. As they destroy these tissues, the first noticeable symptoms will be general canopy dieback, sometimes with "watersprouts" forming along the living portion of branches or trunk. Increased woodpecker activity/damaged may also be seen. Short (3-5 inch) vertical splits in the bark is another possible symptom. As the infestation continues down the tree, direct observations can be made. The larvae carve out winding S-shaped tunnels directly under the bark. The adult borers create D-shaped exit holes.

What options are available to control EAB? There are limited options available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages: remove, replace, treat with insecticides, or do nothing (which eventually results in removal anyway). Trees already infested with EAB can still be treated with insecticides and perhaps saved if they haven't yet lost more than 50% of their canopy. Some of these insecticides are marketed for use by homeowners while others are intended for use only by professional applicators.

How is the City controlling EAB? With the help of grant funds from the Kentucky Division of Forestry and Northern Kentucky Urban & Community Forestry Council, the Fort Thomas Tree Commission has begun treating with insecticides the public ash trees rated in good condition within heavy-use areas of the city. These include public ash trees within the maintained areas of the city parks as well as within street rights-of-way between sidewalk and curb.

The Fort Thomas Tree Commission has contracted with Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc., Tree Health Professionals, to apply the initial treatments via trunk injection using the insecticide, TREE-ageTM, which provides excellent control of EAB for at least two years. This is a Restricted Use Pesticide that can only be sold to and applied by a professional applicator.

What can private property owners do to control EAB on their property? Similar to the public ash trees, it is important each property owner with ash trees create their own plan and take protective steps before it becomes too late. As part of their successful bid on the public ash trees, Gregory Forrest Lester, Inc. will offer residents of Fort Thomas a discounted rate on application of the insecticide TREE-ageTM for the treatment of ash trees on private property. When contacting them at (513) 351-6100, please indicate that you are a Fort Thomas ash tree owner. http://www.gregoryforrestlester.com/

Homeowners also have the option to treat the trees themselves. Look for an active ingredient called "Imidacloprid". This is found in products such as Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub Insect Control, but any product with the active ingredient will work.

Apply in the Spring for best results, Mid to Late March and no later than Easter. This treatment will have to be repeated annually.

Use 1 oz per square inch of circumference of the tree. Mix with 1-2 gallons of water and apply several feet away from the trunk, approximaly 5' away.

For additional information, please contact the Campbell County Extension Office at 572-2600 or visit the website at www.emeraldashborer.info

 Big News!
Rumpke can now accept all plastic bottles and jugs (regardless of plastic number) and clean pizza boxes.
This advanced recycling option is only available to select areas throughout the United States and is the result of the successful improvements Rumpke has made within the past few years to allow for expanded commingled recycling options throughout the greater Cincinnati region.
Since Rumpke Recycling’s inception in 1989, we have significantly grown our residential program and steadily increased the amount and type of materials we accept. In fact, Rumpke's owners have been inducted into the Environmental Industry Association's "Hall of Fame" for their work in the field of waste management.
We hope you share our excitement in this opportunity to recycle more.


 A Message from Rumpke, Inc.
Rumpke is asking all customers to wrap mattresses and box springs in plastic before stetting them out to the curb for pickup. Due to the overwhelming outbreak of bedbugs, this will help keep their drivers safe from infestation. Rolls of plastic can be found at most hardware stores and are fairly inexpensive. Customers are asked to contact Rumpke in advance before setting out large items. If the mattress and box spring is not wrapped in plastic or called in for a special pickup, the driver will leave a sticker on it with instructions on action to be taken before the item can be removed.


 The Fort Thomas Military and Community Museum located at 940 Cochran Avenue (formerly 69 Greene Street) in Tower Park is now open Wednesday through Sunday from 12 to 4 p.m. We also open the museum to visitors upon request by appointment only. For more information call: 859-815-8481 or 859-572-1225.
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 City Council Meetings will now be aired on Insight Cable Ch. 20.
7:00 PM on the 2nd day after council meetings
(Wednesday if council is on a Monday,
or Thursday if council is on a Tuesday.)
10:00 AM on the 3rd day after council meeting
(Thursday if council is on a Monday,
or Friday if council is on a Tuesday.)
Noon on the Saturday following a council meeting.