WHEREAS, the Smitty's Barber Shop has been in business for 50 years on North Fort Thomas Avenue, and


WHEREAS, Smitty's Barber Shop has been owned by Curvan Smith for all of those 50 years; and


WHEREAS, Smitty's Barber Shop has provided 300,000 hair cuts to the citizens of Fort Thomas; and


WHEREAS, Smitty's has raised $15,000 over the years by conducting cut-a-thons for cancer research, and families with Autism; and


WHEREAS, Smitty's Barber Shop is near legendary in this region as the barber shop in Fort Thomas one takes their son to get his first hair cut, to get that buzz cut before "two-a-day" football summer practices, or to get that touchup cut before your first job interview, wedding or any other special occasion that you need to look good for.


NOW, THEREFORE, I MARY H. BROWN, MAYOR OF THE CITY OF FORT THOMAS, CAMPBELL COUNTY, KENTUCKY, do hereby proclaim that April 1, 2008, be declared as:




within the city of Fort Thomas and hereby ask that local citizens join in the celebration and prosper of this local business.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 1st day of April, in the year of our Lord two thousand eight.




                                                                                                                   Mary H. Brown, Mayor

                                                                                                                   City of Fort Thomas, Kentucky